Bayer Crop science & Environmental science

6-Month Global Internal Corporate Communications Consultation: Account Management, Project Management

Shannon - I know you are on PTO, but I just wanted to pause and send you a quick note to let you know how appreciated you are. It is so clear that you were able to jump in and quickly take a very complex piece of work and put order and structure around it and insert yourself as a leader on the account. People are raving about the impact you have made left and right, and you probably don’t have the benefit of knowing just how much your name comes up in this way. So, thank you for all you have done, and all you have yet to do to help grow our Europe presence and improve our project delivery.
— DC Regional Director, Global Prairie, 9/21/17

Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA)

15-Month Social Media Consultation: Competitive Research, Strategy, Content Creation, Publishing, Monitoring, Reporting

Working with Shannon as a social consultant has been a pleasure. She is savvy, creative, dedicated and continually growing as a marketer in an ever changing social landscape. I was also impressed by her ability to quickly learn a brand - critical in a consulting/freelance role. Able to work well both on her own and as part of a team, Shannon communicates effectively and is open to feedback. I was often impressed by her ability to balance delivering advice and implementing the distinct needs of our business (which were sometimes at odds). She is both a leader and a collaborator that knows when each is necessary. Finally, unlike many consultants I’ve worked with, Shannon isn’t just a strategist, but a doer. She has a unique ability to create an idea and then execute it - a trait not often found in one person. This save us time and money while delivering a superior product. Shannon delivered measurable results that improved our efforts and helped redefine our social media presence. I highly suggest her as a marketer.
— Saskia Boogman, External Content Manager, Kampgrounds of America, Inc., 10/25/16
It really is a pleasure working with you, you’re so organized and communicative!
— Tanya Heidrich, Freelance Graphic Designer, 3/2/16

Canon U.S.A.

Event Series: "Bring It" Events in Brooklyn & Portland

The Grey Activation team killed it tonight with Bring It In Portland. A seamless event with over 120 highly engaged attendees and media. People were so into the photography education that almost everyone who initially chose not to rent a camera came back with a changed mind after a few minutes. The whole client team is very happy and impressed. Great job to everyone and thanks for all the long hours and hard work!
— Vice President of Activation, Grey New York, 6/16/15
Great job guys. I can’t believe you all took insights from Brooklyn and actually implemented them here (Portland).
— Canon U.S.A. Client, 6/16/15

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

Event: "BENCHMARKS" Washington, D.C. Conference

BenchMarks is an invitation-only conference series in which NGKF shares commercial real estate market trends, analysis, and forecasts with our clients. The market forecast presentation is followed by a panel discussion featuring luminaries from the local development and investment market and from the public sector. A cocktail reception and networking conclude each event.

THANK YOU SHANNON. You’re doing a badass job of keeping this train moving, BTW.
— Account Director, Grey New York, 8/19/15


Event : HSBC Presents "The Bullwhip Effect" Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

This was the best event I’ve been to in a long while. The panel discussion was interesting and informative, and relevant to our business. The cocktail reception enabled us to meet new people, where we kept the conversation going on the topics discussed by the panel. Well Done!
— C-Suite Event Attendee, 5/7/15
First-class event, from the planning through execution. Well-organized, fully-decorated venue with professional event staff to manage the flow of people. Engaging panelists.
— HSBC Client, 5/7/15
Shannon, looking forward to working with you again!
— Rose Welsh, Event Services Manager, Keppler Speakers, 5/13/15
I (too) enjoyed working with you and your colleagues! Great Team!! My compliments!!
— David Bloom, HSBC Presents Speaker, 6/16/15

Red Carpet Manicure

Sponsorship Booth: Kari Feinstein Pre-Oscars Style Lounge

Shannon also killed it with the most amazing nail trophy ever produced (plus the entire look and feel for the lounge).
— Vice President of Public Relations, Grey New York, 3/1/14
Shannon – you killed it with the furniture and decals at the lounge. We couldn’t have had the successes we did had it not been for you. You’ve been such an asset to the team. Looking forward to awarding you with the red carpet trophy upon our return.
— Senior Account Executive of Public Relations, Grey New York, 3/2/14

Canon U.S.A.

2-Year Integrated Marketing Campaign: Project Imaginat10n, A Film Festival Inspired by Consumer Photographs

Unbelievably thankful for all Shannon and the rest of the Grey team provided for us. What a pleasure and privilege the small time we had with you was. A million thank you’s and hopes to do it again in the future!
— Jared Nelson, Canon Project Imaginat10n Film Contest Winner, 11/28/13
Shannon, I just had to take a moment and complement you on how well you have run this project. I have been so impressed with your detailed communication and organization to make this an amazing project. I wish I would have had the chance to meet you and thank you in person.
— Steven Hatch, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 11/5/13
Hi Shannon, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening at the premiere. I was trying to find you to introduce myself and to thank you for all of your efforts and support throughout this year. You are a fabulous rep and if you ever think about moving to Colorado, we could definitely use your PR skills and diligence for our business! Again, superb job with communication and action! Let me know if I can brag to Grey about you to help with anything.
— Melissa Wollenberg, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 11/4/13
Here I am with Shannon May at the Project Imaginat10n premiere in New York. Shannon works for Grey New York and is the one who kept us photographers in line this past year and was our go to person. She is the epitome of poise and class! Thank you, Shannon, for all you’ve done, and continue to do!
— Steve Bartlett, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 11/3/13
I can’t be thankful enough for you Shannon. I know it’s your job to take care of us - but your kindness absolutely trumps your duty for paycheck.
— Jared Nelson, Canon Project Imaginat10n Film Contest Winner, 10/28/13
Thank you so much for this amazing experience. Getting to finally meet you after a year of correspondence was a true pleasure. An incredible amount of work must have gone into this and it went off without a hitch from point of view. You are truly talented and I wish you the best.
— David Saylor, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 10/27/13
I am so thankful for all your hard work and positive attitude through this whole process! Maybe one day we will meet again!
— Britt Johnson, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 10/26/13
Shannon and the rest of the crew at Grey have organized everything for Canon Project Imaginat10n and have done an amazing job of it. Kicking ass and always with a smile Thank you for everything. It was an amazing time.
— Ed Ziehm, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 10/26/13
You have no idea how much of an impact you made on us (okay, well, you probably have some idea), but just wanted to sincerely thank you for all your hard work helping us through the past year. You’re awesome, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.
— J.W. Hendricks, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 10/25/13
I got an email from Shannon last night at 10:50!! Such a dedicated hard worker. I hope Grey appreciates what they have, I know I do.
— David Saylor, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 10/8/13
Thanks for being so good at what you do :-)
— Patricia Cahill Taft, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 10/8/13
Thanks to all of you guys who made this possible.
— Debra Vickers, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 10/6/13
Thank you! Couldn’t have done it without you! Really, I owe you a lot for all of the hard work and dedication you and Grey have done since the contest. Hopefully you will move up the chain after this because it is well deserved.
— Sammie Saxon, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner and Film Contest Finalist, 8/30/13
Thanks Shannon...for everything you do!!! We are starting a bet on FB as to whether you actually sleep at all....
— Rory Sagner, Canon Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest Winner, 8/16/13


Event: Foursquare Day NYC at SideBAR in New York, New York

You guys did a fantastic job! Congrats!
— Lourdes Brezo, Event Attendee, 4/17/2011
Awesome meetup. Shannon and Will — you guys rock! Thank you for the work you did in putting together a terrific event.
— Mo Krochmal, Event Attendee, 4/17/2011
I agree with all of the comments here. Great event. Nice meeting both of you (Shannon and Will) as well. Look forward to the next one.
— Nick Rovisa, Event Attendee, 4/17/2011

Twin america, llc

Community Manager: Social Media Marketing

I worked with Shannon on many projects where the marketing and interactive media departments combined forces. Shannon is a natural-born leader - she knows how to bring up the energy and get the team moving into action to pull off promotions and events seamlessly on short notice. When extra assistance is needed to complete projects, Shannon is the first to volunteer. Her kind-hearted approach to business makes her an indispensable asset to any team.
— Copywriter at Twin America, 11/28/11